About Us

A commitment to excellence since 2001

EZZER is widely known as a leading company in Indonesia that develops, manufactures, and distributes paints, lubricants, chemicals and related specialties. Formulated to maintain, protect and extend the life of all kinds of media, the products and services which EZZER provide comprise in seven categories:

  • Maintenance chemical products,
  • Cleaning chemical products,
  • Industrial lubricant products,
  • Specialty grease products,
  • Water treatment products,
  • Automotive care products,
  • Heavy-Duty coating products.

Founded in 2001 as a family business in Indonesia, today EZZER is recognised as a reputable company that is providing a workplace to many enthusiastic employees. With a commitment to excellence, EZZER has become a preferred choice for a lot of companies, including those from the following industries: automotive, pharmacy, textile, cosmetics, steel, mining and exploration, construction, food industry – and many others.

Over the years, we have built a close working relationship with our clients, offering innovative and tailor-made solutions. On-site supervision, multi-channel technical support and a group of well-trained applicators, have positioned EZZER as a solution provider. Keeping corporate responsibility and safety codes in mind, EZZER proudly stands for performance, efficiency, and sustainability. With Total Quality Management, Ezzer offers the latest developments in its commitment for Best technology, Best service, and Best performance to satisfy all of the customers. For more information, check out our products and services, or call any of our representatives.

People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.”

Simon Sinek

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